Niger State Governor’s aide, Muawiyah Yusuf Muye mocks #EndSARS frontliner Modupe Odele over seized passport

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Muawiyah Yusuf Muye, a Senior Special Assistant on Media to Governor Abubakar Sani Bello of Niger state has mocked #EndSARS frontliner and lawyer, Modupe Odele over reports of her seized passport.

Odele had attempted to leave the country for her birthday celebration but was prevented from leaving as her passport was seized. According to her, she was told she was under investigation. Reacting to this, Muye stated that she must prove that the Army killed innocent protesters

He tweeted; “You claim to be a foreign-trained lawyer, you gained an invincible power some days ago, you claim they seized your passport and you are coming to shout on social media, I thought you guys said you have power now? Soro soke abi? Soro soke abi?

“You accused the Government of Killing innocent people, shouldn’t you stay back and prove that the Gov’t is actually guilty? Where do you want to run to? Prove that the Army killed innocent protesters. You are a lawyer thank God, you know the processes.

“End time Activists, they cried over Police Brutality that happened 20 years ago, even to the extent of burning the country down, pple died in the process, they even killed pple on social media but two weeks later, she took off to go to Maldives to enjoy, no more grieving. Shalaye”

Muye also lashed out at former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili over a tweet in which she said that Odele’s passport cannot be seized by NAIA Comptroller of Immigration on the “order” of Nigerian army without an order granted by a Nigerian court.

He tweeted; We are a constitutional democracy but you are engaging in actions that is capable of plunging our country in to anarchy and threatening our National Security? Is that how they do activism in other countries you go to? Your actions are akin that of rebels


  1. This is the type of comment you will be hearing foolish leaders make
    This guy saying this is a complete fool and nothing but a fool
    Continue fooling yourself and say you are an aide to a governor
    Tomorrow is still coming

  2. Module Odele is even better than you errand girl, you don’t have mouth to talk. Of your employer ask you not to go beyond certain place, you are dare not but she is free from any forms of intimidation.

  3. Miawiyah! You are just an aid so, she didn’t deserve any mock from you. Is there anything bad in expressing our agitations on bad governance? I don’t know when it turns to crime.

  4. He is one of those who is misleading the government and they are ready to Tell them the truth because the government is their employer, this is dangerous to our democracy.

  5. This man must be stupid… Didn’t he see what this politicians used to do even just for a medical checkup… But don’t blames him cuz he was send to do this… Idiots.

  6. Unless those in charge of power should familiarize themselves with citizens in order to Know the problem we are facing, police officers always brutalize the citizens. I don’t it’s a crime to express our agitation.

  7. We love acting films in this country. Well am not surprise, he is a govt official he need to defend the government. This shows that our government do not have important issues to address. Soro soke ko shalaye

  8. so seizing someone passport is the best u people can do just because they re telling the Truth what a country is a shame that the people we call our leaders have stood so low nd they re trying to cover they evil act but God is not sleeping nd he will expose them all

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