Northern filmmakers suspend Actress, Rahama Sadau over photos of her wearing a backless dress

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The Northern filmmakers under the aegis of Motion Picture Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN) have suspended Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau over photos of her wearing a backless dress.

Rahama had received a lot of backlash from Arewa Twitter on Monday, November 2, after she shared the photos because they termed the dress unIslamic and according to them should never be worn by a public figure like her.

The actress had been suspended for a similar misconduct in 2016, but the Kano State Censors Board under Mallam Ismail Na Abba Afakkallah granted her unconditional pardon in 2018.

Vanguard reports that the Northern filmmakers released a statement saying that the post by the actress had resulted in blasphemous comments against the Holy Prophet of Islam on Twitter and other social media handles.

The actress then released a statement via her Twitter handle condemning the attack on her religion, Islam, and Prophet Mohammed.


  1. If you are filmmakers, celebrities or theater doesn’t mean that you should be dress indecently. Therefore, you deserve more than that punishment.

  2. Celebrities are like an ambassador to the nation and they must be held highly respected but when you dress abnormally it won’t augur well.

  3. She is an actress and a model who is suppose to explore her beauty all over the world but unfortunately she came from a region which sees those things as taboo and unislamic.

  4. If you dress indecently like this what would you expect those that are watching your film to gain from it, if you were being punish for this, you deserve more than that.

  5. This is not the first time she will be suspended,she is really a big star in kannywood, I think she has apologise and I know they will forgive her very soon

  6. Absolutely rubbish, you came from we’re they devoted in Islam, and see the way you dress… you are a role model which everybody seen you as a steps stones, what kind of foundation you are trying to lane for your follower’s who you called friends and family. I like how you been sanction.

  7. this people re not serious what is ur business with her private life re u people the one to tell her how she will dress in her place is she in a move grand what can of rubbish is that u people can go to hell for all I care

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