“We have vowed to resist any planned protest in Lagos” – Police reveals

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The Lagos State police has shared that its officials have vowed to resist any form of planned protests in the state.

In a statement shared by the police, it was made known that they have received information that there are ongoing plans to orchestrate violence in the state and they will stop at nothing to terminate any protest, peaceful or otherwise.

The statement further warned that no one should take part in any procession or gathering but go about their lawful businesses.

Read the statement below:

“The Lagos State Police Command has vowed to resist any form of planned protest, procession or gathering under any guise or nomenclature in Lagos State as the government and people of Lagos still nurture the wounds of the recent Endsars violence that wrecked havocs across the state.

“The command wishes to inform the general public that based on intelligence gathering from relevant intelligence agencies, some unpatriotic elements or group of people have concluded plans to orchestrate another set of violence in the state in furtherance to the recent Endsars violence, which has been analysed as dangerous and counterproductive.

“Premised on this, the command, therefore, wishes to warn any individuals, group of students or any groups who might want to stage any form of protest, either “peaceful” or violent, or gathering whatsoever, to desist as the police and other security agencies will collectively and tactically resist any security threats or threats to public peace which might be triggered by protest or protesters in Lagos State.

“The Police command, emphatically, warns parents and guardians to discourage their children or wards from embarking on any protest in the state as the possibility of hijacking it by armed hoodlums to cause grieve and pains like the recent past is evident.

“We encourage the general public to ignore any call for protest and go about their lawful businesses as all hands are on deck to maintain law and order and public safety across the length and breadth of the state


  1. meaning what so people will not express they feelings or what if they is damage in Lagos u people re responsible for it so don’t come out to say rubbish

  2. As long as we are not in military regime then how would you asked those who wants to make peaceful protest not to do so, this is not proper.

  3. We are now in an era where we can’t express our grievances anymore, protesting is part of fundamental human rights then are we not going to exercise our right.

  4. Government should learn how to the yearning of her citizens because protest is not the best solution to tackle government, they are the one to do what is right to do.

  5. If government take care of her citizens then what would warrant protest? Government should not be expecting things to spoil badly before taking steps, since we are not in the military era.

  6. This is unfair o, don’t we have the right to protest in this country anymore? Is this not in part of our constitution? Can someone called individual stop this? Is not possible…I just want you to know that , in anything you decide and it was accepted, note✍️ is not that is your power, is just that youth has not ready to against it. Final say.

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