“If we have not done enough, please bear with us” – Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari has called on Nigerians to bear with the administration, according to him those who haven’t felt the impact of the government should be patient.

He made the appeal in Ilorin, Kwara State at a town hall meeting with the traditional rulers, youths, students, organised labour, market women and other stakeholders on the End SARS protest and its aftermath.

Represented by the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, the President said his administration has the interest of the youths and the people in general at heart and has been doing a lot to touch their lives.

“If we have not done enough or we have not touched everybody, we appeal that you please bear with us. In the first instance, what we have is less than 60 per cent of the revenue that was available to other governments that came before us, he said

“We all know what we suffered during COVID-19, and as we are just trying to recover from this we also face another crisis. We appeal that you should please assist the government and be patient.

“This government is dedicated to serving the people and we will continue to try our best to do so. I thank you all for your perseverance, understanding and patience,” he added


  1. Understanding and perseverance indeed, what else do you want to say after we have suffered for more than five years and we are still suffering now.

    1. Are you pleading to Nigeria youth?….you must be very mad for saying that. Which yeye patient, for how long again? This is how you fool us in the first place of 2015 till now, so we can no longer beer with this any longer.

  2. You are begging or pleading when you are not about the future of tomorrow’s leaders which is youths. ASUU is on strike for past seven months, for that only ASUU alone we can’t forgive you.

  3. You want us to forgive you and you are not ready to listen to us, instead of tackling our problems you are compounding it everyday. I don’t think we can forgive you.

  4. You are asking for our forgiveness and you are executing policy which is not friendly to us i.e increase in electricity tariff, hike in pump price, increment in food commodities Then how do you want us to survive all these.

  5. Lai Muhamed and his pay master should go talk to the woods and not us
    They have succeeded in putting us in total suffering and penury
    Poverty everywhere, its a pity

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