My decision brought great Peace, Love to Nigeria – Jonathan

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Former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, has advised world leaders that nobody’s ambition is worth tge blood of it’s citizens as it is better to gain honor at the cost of losing power instead of the other way round.

In a post he shared on Facebook on Friday, Jonathan made it known that it has always been his ‘philosophy’ as this has brought about peace and love to Nigerian. He further recommended this philosophy to all leaders facing ‘challenging situations either in Government or at the polls’

He wrote:

“Nobody’s ambition is worth the blood of any citizen. It is better to gain honour at the cost of losing power than to gain power at the cost of losing honour.

“At any point in time, the power of love should matter more than the love of power.

“This is my philosophy. I have lived it. It has brought great peace to both my beloved nation and I. And I recommend it to all leaders facing challenging situations, either in government, or at the polls, or even in their dealings with fellow political actors.”


  1. You are a real man of peace. May God Almighty continue to bless you real good in Jesus name
    No one should spill blood at all for any reason

  2. You really deserve many accolades because as at that time, if you are not ready to step aside. Nigeria may now be history for now. You are truly a leader.

  3. Good advice from better president…. We missed you for sure because we don’t know your value when are the leader….

  4. As you said, no blood of innocent people what to be wasted during the cause of gaining or retaining power but some leaders doesn’t value the lives of his followers.

  5. You really value the lives of the people under you that’s you are not thirsty of power to the extent of wasting the lives of the people under you. May God protect you always.

  6. We have Missed you a lot, you are an icon in this country we saw your impact in Nigeria. May God do Best for you sir. We wish you come back.

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