“They make 5000 from sleeping with 5 -7 men daily” – Woman shares her encounter with young sex workers in Lagos

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A woman, Etiennette Ajoluje has shared her encounter with young commercial sex workers in a brothel located at a slum in Lagos.

Sharing details of her visit to the brothel on Friday, November 6, she revealed that the girls make an average of N5000 daily from sleeping with 5 – 7 men.

She also found out that about four of the girls are pregnant while one is a mother to a 16 months old baby. According to Ms Ajoluje, the girls she interviewed have expressed their readiness to quit prostitution.

Read her post below: ”3 months ago, a young beautiful girl approached me and pleaded with tears in her eyes to help her leave the street. She is a SEX-WORKER. She called me 4 days ago, the reason am making this post now. I took her to a local restaurant (Mama put), we ate & drank. I made her feel so relaxed so that she can tell me what really happened.

”She sleeps with 5-7 men daily and gets #500-1000 per person. She took me to the brothel where she pays #1k daily I met a girl with her 1 yr & 4months old baby in d same brothel. I saw 4 pregnant ones. 10 of them told me with tears that they want to become gud gals Some of them are hairdressers, tailors, caterers etc. I beg my people. Make una ADVISE & HELP ME LOOK DIS MATA. NA MESSENGER I BE OOH.


  1. Without you been a messenger, I know that some of those girls doing that sex work is not in their blood, some of them condition led them in doing such, Some of them have a good handwork but no sponsor.
    So this life no balance.

  2. This matter of surviver is not an easy task, sleeping with 5-7 men everyday to get that token and now who’s going to cater for the pregnancy.

  3. Even without doing this prostitution of a thing there are lots of work that they can engage themselves but choose to go that.

  4. If u can render any help pls do. They should look for a decent job most of dem have hand work so its a tin of choice they choose to engage in prostitution

  5. What a pitiable story. This is not nice nah
    Let them bear in mind that there are so many veneral diseases they can contact that might damage them or lead to their death

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