US Elections: We all now know US imperfections and vulnerabilities – Shehu Sani

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Former lawmaker, Shehu Sani, on Friday reacted to the allegations of electoral malpractices that have trailed the US presidential election in 2020.

Sani in a post on Twitter noted that the presidential election has exposed the vulnerability of US democracy.

Sani in his reaction to the development wrote:

“American model of democracy has been a reference point for standard, order, and responsibility. It has been an example of freedom and good conduct.”

“We all now know about its imperfections and vulnerabilities. Like in everything else, pick the good and take lessons from the bad.”


  1. That’s why they are having court of law also, if there’s any malpractices in the election court is there for them to settle it.

  2. People say nobody is perfect…is the same as no country can be perfect in everything….the most worst things Americans can do is more better than Nigeria.

  3. Sometimes the person in power helps to destroy an already designed good system
    That is why it is good to expunge all bad eggs from leadership positions

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