“Insurgency didn’t start from Protest” – Shehu Sani Replies Zulum

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Former Kaduna Lawmaker, Senator Shehu Sani has countered Governor Zulum’s claim that the Boko Haram insurgency started from protests.

Governor Zulum on Friday had warned #EndSARS protesters across the country to exercise caution, saying the Boko Haram crisis started through protests.

Reacting to this statement, Shehu Sanu disagreed saying that the insurgency in the country started from extra judicial killing.

He wrote:

“No Professor, BH insurgency didn’t start from protest; it started from extrajudicial killing.”


  1. The issue of this bokoharam started when the police killed their leader Yusuf without any justification or any pronouncement from court.

  2. This bokoharam of a thing is the hand work of those politicians which they harm them with different weapons during the the election but can’t be controlled again after election.

  3. Extrajudicial killing by the police is too much in this country and if it is not taking care of, it may lead to what we didn’t expect in the country.

  4. The issue of protest should be quickly attend to instead of using army also to kill or scare them. The bokoharam started from killing of people and not from protest.

  5. this governor is stupid how did he even come into power because a reasonable governor will not say that what does the protest has to do with boko harm

  6. Zullum, you are the main man now in this country. I respect you alot but I will have to agree with Shehu Sani. Boko Haram was created by greedy politicians.

  7. These politicians that call themselves our governors think they can deceive us by saying anything they like
    Di they think we are fools or what sef

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