Man who trekked to celebrate Buhari’s victory in 2015, develops severe limb pain, cries out for help

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A Nigerian man identified as Dahiru Buba, who trekked to celebrate Muhammadu Buhari’s election victory in 2015, is now suffering from severe limb pain.

It was reported five years ago that, Buba trekked from Gombe to Abuja to celebrate Muhammadu Buhari, after he won the 2015 presidential election.

According to Daily Trust, Buba is suffering from severe limb pains and is seeking assistance for treatment.

Buba noted that he has pleaded with the governor of Gombe state, Inuwa Yahaya and other APC stake holders to come to his aid.

In his words,

“Since the time I conducted the trekking, the limb pain is growing by the day.

“I am appealing to my governor, Governor Inuwa Yahaya of Gombe State and the party leadership to help me look for medical assistance.”


  1. Can you see yourself now? Now, tell me what you gain from the trek you made. Most of the leaders are less concerned from the sacrifice we made for them.

  2. That’s the course you place on yourself, instead of praising your Almighty Allah wherever you are, you made a misplaced priority, I pray you overcome this menace.

  3. I pray they come to your aid and rescue because those leaders do not have human feeling. That’s the repercussions of ignorance.

  4. It serves him right, let him trek more nah
    There are still many roads untreked
    Let him tell his Buhari to take him to hospital abroad because I know for sure that there are no good hospitals here

  5. He will never see help from anybody most especially President muhammadu buhari, he did stupid, how tregg to Abuja to celebrate mad buhari victory…don’t you have hope for your self? May be if you cry so well… President muhammadu buhari may listen to you.

  6. The only advice I can render for you now is that you should try to call President muhammadu buhari on phone or you go and kodo closing door meeting with him.

  7. Please the government should do something about his situation ,his really in pains.
    Assist him because he try celebrating you.

  8. let him die he deserves it because he lack what to do with his time he is among does people that put us n this mess let him die

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