“These guys just keep making daft moves” – Falz reacts as Court orders CBN to freeze accounts of EndSARS promoters

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Falz has reacted to the court order secured by the Central Bank of Nigeria to freeze the accounts of 18 #EndSARS promoters.

Justice Ahmed Mohammed of a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja on Thursday, November 5th granted the request of the CBN to freeze the accounts of 19 individuals and a public affairs company linked to the #EndSARS protests.

Reacting to this, Falz expressed disappointment saying they keep making daft moves

"These guys just keep making daft moves" - Falz reacts as Court orders CBN to freeze accounts of EndSARS promoters 4


  1. I’m wondering what is going on because I couldn’t understand, those people who were alleged of corruption nothing is done about them but for the people that are demanding for justice.

  2. Our leaders and politicians doesn’t know where they are are heading to, instead of solving our problems, they always compound the issues.

  3. Government should try to avoid another mass protest, I don’t understand why they frozen the account in the first place.

  4. Most of our leaders are jokers every little thing against the citizens they go to the court but within themselves they know how to manipulate. They are comedians.

  5. This government is so *efficient* in identifying those they claimed are sponsors of #EndSARS protest and has gone ahead to secure an order to freeze their bank accounts. So, what happens to those sponsoring boko haram for over a decade now and why are they not such *efficient* in identifying them??

  6. This is absurd… please can someone wake me up or remind wether we are still practicing democratic system…. because this country has totally turn down like economically I n the country.

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