Being desirable to a man shouldn’t be your main purpose in life – Etinosa tells women

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Controversial actress, Etinosa Idemudia, has advised women that being desirable to a man shouldn’t be their purpose in life as it has nothing to do with their success or value.

According to her, saying because you are dark-skinned, and so men won’t desire you, is only an excuse of your self-esteem.

“Be using colourism to excuse your low self-esteem. Being desirable to a man shouldn’t be your main purpose in life. That has nothing to do with your success or value. If you like bring up your daughter to think she is at a disadvantage in life because she’s dark-skinned.”


  1. It is a good advice
    as a woman you need to he very mature and not giving excuse that are not relevant
    Beauty is a thing of the mind so be wise and take your self as a precious gold which you are

  2. This is her own opinion and she is entitled to it
    This is a free world and whosoever that wants to take and heed to this her advice is free

  3. Speak louder, most of nowadays ladies didn’t cherish the beauty that is giving to them by God, that is the reason why many ladies change their colour.

  4. Those ladies or women that looks down on themselves don’t know what they do, when you didn’t cherish yourself, how would you expect another person to cherish you.

  5. She shared her own opinion…it left with the people we follow it…is a good advice if you follow it will help the woman a lot.

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