EndSARS: Islamic Group warns Muslims not to accept invitation to join protests

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Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has warned Muslims not to accept any invitation to join any protest.

In a statement by its director, Professor Ishaq Akintola, he warned that Muslims should not partake in any form of aggression and destruction.

According to Akintola, the EndSARS protests was being promoted by people who lack integrity and whose sources of income lack credibility, people who engage in criminal activities and are looking for ways to get rid of any sign of enforcement agents.

He further stated that the protest which was supposed to be peaceful was hijacked by disgruntled politicians and religious bigots which led to the destruction of lives and properties and so no Muslim should be seen in any of such. Quoting the Quran, ‘Join hands together in good deeds and piety. But do not join others to commit sin and aggression’ (Qur’an 5:2).

“The attention of MURIC has been drawn to subterranean rumblings as precursors of demonstrations. We like to remind Nigerian Muslims in particular and all citizens in general that the last experience we had during #EndSARS protests was very bitter as it pushed the country to the edge of the precipice, he said

“Protests are legitimate as long as they are peaceful but the last one was hijacked by disgruntled politicians, religious bigots and ethnic jingoists. The smoke from the burning embers can still be seen above our chimneys.

“There is indisputable evidence showing that funds for the protest were provided by people who lack integrity and whose sources of income lack credibility.

“These are people who have been engaging in criminal activities. They have been playing hide and seek with the police and their topmost wish has always been to get rid of all signs of law enforcement agents. Unfortunately innocent but gullible Nigerians played into their hands and became weapons of mass destruction.

“Ceteris paribus, we expected the protests to abate the moment the government accepted all the five demands made by the youth but this did not happen. The demands were expanded until they became frivolous, ridiculous and irrational.

“The ensuing destruction of properties during the protest was too massive, enough to cause goose pimples in anyone with the milk of homo sapien compos mentis flowing in his or her veins. It is also enough to discourage another protest so soon.

“Hoodlums have been allowed to destroy facilities that coming generations should enjoy. Only the apostles of Shaytan (Satan) will be happy at the sight of more than 150 new luxurious buses and other assets of the Lagos State government burnt by hoodlums during the last protest.

“To what end? Does Governor Sanwoolu ride those buses? It is so illogical. These were buses meant for poor Lagosians. How could we allow ourselves to be deceived into destroying facilities intended to make life better for the poor? Are we fighting the masses?

“Nevertheless, we believe that Lagos will rise again to the chagrin of envious eyes and enemies of progress. It is for these reasons that we are calling on Nigerian Muslims in particular and other citizens in general not to join any new protest. Enough is enough.

“The Glorious Qur’an commands Muslims to join hands in righteous deeds, not for aggression and destruction. It says, ‘Join hands together in good deeds and piety. But do not join others to commit sin and aggression’ (Qur’an 5:2).


  1. The only issue I’m having with this #endsas protest is that, it was hijacked by the hoodlums and it was also sponsored by the politicians.

  2. If the government always quickly responsible to the issues that were raised by the people, nothing will warrant any protest.

  3. Though, Islam doesn’t support the protest but the problem is we are not practicing shari’a law, that is the where we are having issues.

  4. Government is the one to stand up to their responsibilities in order to prevent future occurrence of such incident because if governments continue their negligence attitudes, anything can happen.

  5. The turned around of the protest has done many damages to the nation. The protest which began with Peace was hijacked by hoodlums and turned it to violent.

  6. pls is this man OK that is y u people don’t know anything I don’t know the reason y u re bringing religion in this protest

  7. Religious fanatics in action
    That is the main problem of Nigeria
    So they should not speak against injustices in the land because they are Muslims

  8. That is true but it is not right because we are protesting in our constitutional rights to change what we didn’t want so it is not religious related…

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