IPPIS: “Government should stop this arm twisting and manipulation” – ASUU President, Ogunyemi.

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The National President of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) Professor Abiodun Ogunyemi. Has asked the federal government to stop playing a game of manipulation and deception in his latest revelation on why the union is yet to call off the strike.

Speaking on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, He accused the federal government of not being committed to resolve the issues at hand.

He said;

“What we need is a commitment; there is nothing like transition and what we are saying, in essence, is that government should just go ahead and pay what government has withheld – the salaries of our members; people have not been paid for eight or nine months on account of not registering on IPPIS.

“Government should stop this arm-twisting and manipulation, going back to universities to ask them to go and enroll in IPPIS so that they will go and migrate to UTAS; people see it as a game of deception and we cannot trust them.”

According to Ogunyemi, he stressed that if not for their effort, the fate of public universities in Nigeria would have been just like that of the primary and secondary schools.


He also added;

“Each time people talk about this problem has been there for long, they don’t also appreciate the solution we have brought to the system to keep the system going.

“But for ASUU’s intervention, we would no longer have public universities today. Do we still have public primary schools? Do we still have public secondary schools? That is what will happen to public universities.”


  1. What type of country do we find ourselves in?
    A country where her leaders joke with important issues and become serious with unimportant issues
    God we are in your hands..o

  2. Why will they be committed to resolve the strike when their major problem now is endsars protest and how to regulate social media and more over none of their children go to school in Nigeria.

  3. The negligence and nonchalant attitude by our governments on educational system is nothing to write home about and I know the reason they behave like that is that they don’t have their wards and children in government own’s schools.

  4. With this character of the present administration, they don’t value education at all, they are just after their pockets once they could get their money they don’t care.

  5. How would they care about our universities when they don’t want youths to take over from them. Therefore, when you don’t have adequate knowledge then how would you contribute positively to the society.

  6. All the government schools have paralyzed right from our primary to university but the government knows what to do to revive it but they won’t. It’s only God can save us from those bad leaders that we have.

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