Reno Omokri slams Muslims attacking Rahama Sadau instead of thieving politicians and bandits

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Former Presidential aide, Reno Omokri has called out Muslims attacking Actress, Rahama Sadau over photos of her wearing a backless dress.

According to Omokri in a post on Instagram, he shared that these attacks are being channeled in the wrong direction as there are thieving politicians being praised, and bandits left to carry out their ordeal with nobody doing anything about it.

”Dear Nigerians,

These are Muslim women from Egypt, Pakistan and Lebanon. Is what Rahama Sadau did really so bad? Stealing is against Christianity and Islam, yet our politicians steal and we celebrate them. We even named a stadium after the world’s biggest thief. In that same state, they voted for a governor seen on camera receiving bribes in dollars. Should we not direct anger at them rather than Rahama? How do we look to the world if we leave Boko Haram, bandits, killer herdsmen, and 13 million out of school children in Northern Nigeria to focus on an actress’s dressing?

#RenosNuggets #EndSARS”, he wrote


  1. Like seriously you really spoke well sir….they ignore what they suppose to face and face what is not even necessary at all, ordinary outfit….nawa for this country o.

  2. If she is being attacked,, it is based on their doctrine because Islam doesn’t accept blasphemy. Therefore, they can say whatever to her.

  3. Most of the leaders looting our funds I don’t see them rebuke them as they are calling for this lady’s head
    This is ridiculous

  4. Government are one supporting the crime if not bokoharam won’t persist in the north for decades without finding lasting solution to it. This is awful.

  5. Those northerners know what they are doing, they don’t want the children of poor to have quality education because if they do they will be compete with the children of elite people, that’s why they don’t even bother about those almajiri.

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