CBN opposes Suit to remove Arabic Inscriptions from Banknotes

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The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has opposed a suit before the federal high court in Lagos seeking to remove Arabic inscriptions on the naira notes.

CBN informed the court that it will cost a lot of money to discard existing notes and print new ones without the inscriptions.

The apex court also argued that Ajami is not a symbol or mark of Islam, but an inscription to help non-English speakers who are Ajami literate.

The apex bank made the submission in a counter-affidavit to a suit filed by Malcolm Omirhobo, a Lagos-based lawyer, before Mohammed Liman, presiding judge over the case.


  1. That’s a very weak defense: the cost of print shouldn’t prevent the government from right action in the interest of the people and the nation. In fact that’s isn’t an excuse either, from the next print remove the inscription in the best interest of one nation.

  2. Will removal of the Arabic inscription boost the value of Naira or will it improve the economy? There are more issues to address than this lalalalalalalalala

  3. There is no money in the country and you’re talking of discarding that will lead to lots of fund to reprint a new one.
    No it’s not fair at all

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