EndSARS: Another protest looms the country if Unemployment is not tackled – Senate President, Lawan

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The President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan, has warned that another protest in the country looms if political office holders and policymakers fail to tackle the issue of unemployment in the country.

Ahmad gave the warning when the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr Sabo Nanono, led top officials of his ministry to defend its 2021 budget before the Senate Committee on Agriculture on Monday, November 9.

He challenged his colleagues in positions of authorities to include youth employment and empowerment into the 2021 budget so as to escape another round of #EndSARS protests.

“Recently, we had protests by some of our youths. Some of them, very genuine, were seeking the attention of leaders and they got the attention. So, our budget, especially for 2021, should be mindful of what we do to provide employment opportunities for these youths.

“They demonstrated, they protested because they could do so. There are so many other people who may not be youthful but are also in the same need. They didn’t protest. Let us meet them where they are, we don’t want to wait until they also start to grumble or protest we should be proactive.” he said


  1. You people are still not yet serious at all
    You are still joking with the matter without how much pain the people are passing through
    Make hare while the sun shines

  2. This is issue that need urgent attention. The rate of unemployment is getting high and the youths of this country are tired of being jobless. If the government don’t want to see another face of protest they should address this issue with matter of urgency

  3. Always talking by mouth without, putting it into practice. You have been saying this not today but at the end of the day, the allocated for it will go to another person’s pocket.

  4. Saying without implementation, you have been saying this for so long and no positive changes if government could do the needful now things would change for better.

  5. The government that doesn’t cater for youths right from the beginning because if they do, those npower applicants should have been given empowerment by their various states but those governors didn’t care.

  6. This government is not proactive in there dealings, things would have happened before taking steps not only taking steps but sluggish in their actions. They should do something before it boomerangs.

  7. If this out leaders give the youth attention all this protest won’t be practice .
    So the government nd his personnel should kindly do something about it

  8. You People Are Still Not Yet Serious At All
    You Are Still Joking With The Matter Without How Much Pain The People Are Passing Through
    Make Hare While The Sun Shines

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