“I ate just once yesterday” – EndSARS promoter calls on CBN Governor to unfreeze his account

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One of those whose bank accounts were frozen for playing key roles at the End SARS protests has cried out to the CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele to unfreeze his account as he can barely feed.

Basset Victor, who is among the affected individuals took to his Twitter page on Tuesday to call on the CBN Governor, Emefiele to come to his aid.

According to him, he has no food to eat and has been bankrupt since his accounts were frozen.

“Good Morning Godwin Emefiele, your son has enough food to eat, I ate just once yesterday. Your son is sleeping in his room, I am begging my landlord not to throw my things out.

“Your son has pocket money, I have a pocket drought. Supporting #EndSARS isn’t a crime, unfreeze my accounts.”

He further appealed to anyone to help him with money to clear debts and sustain himself for the next three months.

“At this stage, I would be lying if I said I do not need help. I’ll appreciate anything I can get from anybody. Nothing is too small.

“It will go a long way to help me clear out some debts incurred over the last three weeks and also sustain myself for the next three months. Please. God bless you,” Victor added


  1. This is the type of country we see ourselves in
    Authoritarian society where no one is allowed to talk
    Well God dey

  2. Supporting end SARS, what of those who provided something for them like food, water and some other things what do they do to those people? Nigeria my country.

  3. Instead of addressing the issue or message, government, they prefer to attack the messenger. Government should do something about it.

  4. Can you imagine!!
    So Federal Government are serious with this freezing of EndSARS promoters accounts, so someone cannot exercise his or her right as a citizen again in this country. May God have mercy on this Nigerian wicked leaders.

  5. Why must someone acct be frozen cos of protest? So one has no right to express his or her feelings over poor governance in the country. Bear in mind that u’re creating more problems.

  6. These people are heartles they should unfreeze this young mans acct there is nothing wrong in engaging in peacful protest.

  7. This is sad , the government and hoodlums who hijacked the protest and turned it into violent account should to freezes and not common Nigerians

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