‘Push your daughters to own Businesses, not get Married’, Rapper Shaybo tells African Parents

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Nigerian-born UK female rapper, Shaybo has advised African parents to prioritize business over marriage for their daughters. The 23-year-old fast-rising hip hop artist took to her Twitter page to share her thoughts.

According to the musician whose real name is Shayon Brown, what is more profitable for young African women is to start a business of their own so that they can be financially independent.

In her words:

“African parents always pushing the girls in the household to marry. Look for husband. Instead of pushing them to own businesses. To be a boss so that they don’t need to rely on no1.”


  1. In as much as business for women is good, marriage is also good too
    While pushing for business, a lady should also push to marry

  2. If the children can listen to their parents advice, they are the to benefit at the end and if the reverse is the case, they are also the one to suffer for it.

  3. Nice call, please parents encourage your female children to own businesses and stop forcing them into marriage because they became liability to their hunsband.

  4. Marriage is a life investment not a game
    When once you enter there is no going back
    So they should generate a source of income to them

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