EndSARS Protests: “Only a weak, paranoid leader seeks to persecute dissenting voices” – FFK

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Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has kicked against the CBN labeling the #EndSARS protesters whose accounts were frozen, as terrorists.

The Central Bank of Nigeria had obtained a court order to freeze the accounts of 20 #EndSARS frontliners after it alleged that their accounts might have been linked to terrorist activities.

Reacting to this in a tweet, Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode wrote;

“The idea that the young folks that led the #EndSARS protests are terrorists is asinine nonsense & childish gobbledygook. They may be angry, verbose & brash but they are NOT terrorists. Only a weak, paranoid & tactless leader & Govt. seeks to persecute & crush dissenting voices.”


  1. FFK is the only man that says the truth and challenges Federal Government without any fear and with boldness ride on Sir God will bless you abundantly.
    Them freezing peoples accounts are the terrorist but they don’t know that.

  2. All of you are bird of a feather, when you were in power if you have done the needful, something like this may not happened.

  3. I’m wondering what would be the faith of incoming generations when those of you that you are in power started oppressing us like this. Our leaders are so weak indeed.

  4. The real terrorist have not been apprehended more than a decade but those young people that are fighting for their freedom was labeled as terrorist, what a country.

  5. Is this not another slavery in our fatherland? Because I’m wondering how would you asked us not to say anything about our plight except looking for a way to silence us. Most of our leaders are clueless.

  6. Labeling these protesters terrorists is not good nah. They are not terrorists at all but were persons trying to call for a change in the way and manner things are done here
    The government knows the real terrorists and should go for them instead of behaving childish

  7. All of this is to shut the mouth of the youth and also to divert the our attention from protesting.
    But, in no distance time Nigeria will become unbearable for them.

  8. Sir I don’t really know what this government take us for they want silent us all is well I don’t know how protest turn to be criminal

  9. FFK Is The Only Man That Says The Truth And Challenges Federal Government Without Any Fear And With Boldness Ride On Sir God Will Bless You Abundantly.
    Them Freezing Peoples Accounts Are The Terrorist But They Don’t Know That

  10. Just as I always say, the system in this country is not working towards the right direction. Book harams and the likes are there the government could not freeze their sponsor account but they could do that for endsars protesters.

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