Boko Haram rehabilitation: “I am in disagreement with the government” – Ndume

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Senator Ali Ndume, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Army, has expressed his disappointment with the President Muhammadu Buhari administration for rehabilitating repentant members of Boko Haram. Ndume spoke on Wednesday at the closed-door budget defense session with the Nigerian Army.

Ndume, who has always seen the government’s deradicalizing of ex-Boko Haram members as a misplacement of priority, insisted that it was wrong for this administration to be resettling and pampering former terrorists while the country is still at war.

“I am in disagreement with the government,” Ndume said
The lawmaker, who represents Borno South, noted that members of the dreaded terrorist group who are captured during military operations can be kept as prisoners of war and later tried in accordance with the law.

Ndume pointed out that the recent “Damboa attack was carried out by a repentant Boko Haram member.”

According to him, “the repentant Boko Haram member was feeding the terror group information regarding the movement of the army.” He said that it was unfair to have the government waste its resources on those who threaten the peace of the nation.


  1. Agreed… Those bokoharam people will go back to what they are doing before and once a terrorist will always be a terrorist…

  2. You have said the truth and I am fully in support
    They should not be rehabilitated by government instead they should be prosecuted and dealt with accordingly

  3. You should have raised your voice in the national assembly and I hope if you do that, the those who have conscience will support you and look for a way out.

  4. Bird of a feather. What I could perceive in this your suggestion is like maybe you want incite us against your which we won’t dance to it.

  5. What this governments are doing are very bad indeed, incorporate bokoharam to the society without doing anything to assist those that have been wounded.

  6. The government doesn’t value the life of his people, how would they have mercy for them. Treating fellow human being as criminal and treating criminal as beloved citizens.

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