“Help my career, Stop giving me gate man roles” – Actor, Jigan tells Movie Producers

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Jigan Baba Oja has revealed he’s tired of being cast as a gateman in movies.

The comedian took to Twitter to ask movie producers to help his career by giving him other roles as he is fit to take on those roles too.

He wrote: “If truly want to help my career , stop giving me only gate man role ! I can play any role my dear brother ! E ma baiye mi je.”


  1. You can still be successful in that of the you are playing, if you were giving another role to doesn’t mean you will be successful. Therefore, you were giving that role that They think it soothe you.

  2. This thing is about perception, that is what those director and filmmakers think you fit in doing and I don’t see anything bad in it.

  3. This Thing Is About Perception, That Is What Those Director And Filmmakers Think You Fit In Doing And I Don’t See Anything Bad In It.

  4. You would have waited patiently and more focused like Osuofia(Mkem Owoh),who even started from the role of ” A drunk”,and today,he is known everywhere;there is no height you can’t get to,even from the roles of Gate man you’ve decided to shun;patience and hard work! OK?

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