‘Don’t feel forced to Sow a seed to the Church’, Stella Damasus advises Christians

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Nigerian veteran actress, Stella Damasus, has advised Christians who feel compelled to sow a seed in the church on what to do.

The movie star took to her Twitter page to state that no Christian should feel obligated to sow a seed. She added that God does not demand anything in return for blessing his children. Therefore, giving to the church out of compulsion and not out of choice is wrong.

In her words: “Please do not feel obligated to pay money or sow any seed. With or without it you can still receive a miracle. If God touches your heart however, you can but ONLY if God touches your heart to bless the ministry. Receiving from God should never be determined by how much you give. Just pray and believe.”


  1. Thats right. Sowing seed is not a do or die thing and it shouldn’t be imposed on a member by any pastor. Its a thing of choice

  2. That’s how it should be, God doesn’t mandate us to give him anything in return on what he has been doing for us except thanking him for his mercy on us.

  3. I don’t much about Bible but in all Quran he doesn’t compulsory us to pay the tithes but he loves the person that is giving out to the needy.

  4. If God blessed you, it’s a matter of you know how to do best but he loves you and he will also appreciate those who is giving not by force.

  5. There is an adage which says “givers never lack” he who gives Almighty God always replenish the pocket of that person but God does not say you must give except “zakat”.

  6. That’s How It Should Be, God Doesn’t Mandate Us To Give Him Anything In Return On What He Has Been Doing For Us Except Thanking Him For His Mercy On Us.

  7. If God Blessed You, It’s A Matter Of You Know How To Do Best But He Loves You And He Will Also Appreciate Those Who Is Giving Not By Force.

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