‘Women are happier without Men’ – Actress Inem Peter

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Nigerian actress, Inem Peter, has shared her opinion on the relationships between men and women.

She took to her Instagram page to write that men are the cause of majority of the problems that women go through as she further stated that women are much happier without men.

In her words:

“Women are much happier without men. Men are women’s major problem.”


  1. Are you telling us that all the problems that happened between husband and wife are caused by only men? Or what do you mean?

  2. As you said, no one is forcing you to get married by force, if you like you can remain single till eternity, nobody will penalize you for that.

  3. If marriage works out, is in the hands of husband and wife. Blaming one sided for collapsed marriage or argument that occurs between husband and wife it’s not good enough.

  4. Remain single is not the solution, to remain single means the marriage is about to take either of the couple’s life otherwise, marriage is a must.

  5. This might be your own opinion and your feelings
    You don’t have to generalize at all instead you talk about yourself

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