Shehu Sani raises alarm as bandits allegedly kidnap Scores on Kaduna-Abuja Road

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Former lawmaker, Senator Shehu Sani has raised alarm over the activities of bandits on the Kaduna-Abuja road.

He alleged that some bandits on Sunday blocked the Kaduna-Abuja road and kidnapped scores of persons.

Shehu Sani shared this in a tweet via his official Twitter handle as he urged northern governors to prioritize the insecurity situation in the region.

He wrote:

“Today, the Bandits along Kaduna Abuja audaciously blocked the road in broad daylight and kidnapped scores of people, including a young man I know. Operation Puff Adder needs reactivation. This is where the attention of the Northern Governors is needed.”


  1. Nigeria Army has left there jobs, and are now killing unarmed citizens, whereas the main problem of Nigeria is in kaduna. Sham

  2. Hope this one is also fake news, when those governors ought to face what they were elected for, the reverse is the case they were busy chasing shadow.

  3. The issue of insecurities in northern region has gone beyond explanation, why can’t all these northerners come together and iron things out.

  4. This is bad, if those who were kidnapped were unable to meet their conditions, they will waste their lives. Those governors are there just for nothing.

  5. Instead of tackling these insecurities in their regions, they are just after 2023 elections, the lives of their people means nothing to them.

  6. The insecurity in Kaduna is very alarming.everyday killing, kidnaping raping all manner of crime the government should come to their aid

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