There is nothing wrong with Social Media Bill – Ndume

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Senator Ali Ndume, Chairman of Senate Army Committee, has expressed that he sees nothing wrong with the implementation of a Social Media Bill.

Speaking in an interview on Channels’ TV Sunday Politics, he said that this will make people be held accountable for whatever they say or do online.

During his interview, Ndume stated that the 8th Senate had discussed the need to control social media, but insists freedom of speech should not be muzzled.

“So, I feel that there is nothing wrong with having a social media bill, to define what you say or how you say it, and then what are the consequences of speaking out against somebody.

“As a politician, I have had a bad experience before, people say all sorts of things about you on social media about you and there is no way to control it, I think there is a gap in that, but it must go through the normal process.”

He, however, expressed that there was a need for a public hearing to determine if the bill will be passed to avoid suppressing freedom of speech.


  1. Public hearing would be better before passing the bill if freedom of speech will be jeopardize in the country. If not social media things would have been worse than these.

  2. With the existence of our present constitution that we are using, it doesn’t ask you not to prosecute those who spread fake news once you confirm that the said news is fake.

  3. I could remember when some daily news magazine carried fake news about someone and the person involved asked that paper to retrieve their words and tender apology within speculated time and they did so.

  4. Soial bill is part of the government strategy to silence the masses and I hope that it won’t work.. because We are using social media to leak some of your secret.

  5. Nothing will change here as far it’s on Media,be it good or bad we will not stop to lament and say how we feel about our government.

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