“Concentrate on the fight against me and leave Imo people alone” – Rochas tells Hope Uzodinma

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Former governor of Imo State and member representing Imo West Senatorial District, Owelle Rochas Okorocha has appealed to Governor Hope Uzodinma to stop destroying the assets of the people of the state in a bid to exert vengeance on him.

Okorocha who complained that most of the projects he embarked on have been demolished by the government insisted that the assets he left belongs to people of Imo state.

“It’s been one drama or the other since I left office as the governor of Imo State. It started with Emeka Ihedioha and now, Hope Uzodimma. I decided not to show my face and give leaders opportunity to correct the wrong things that have been going on.

“But, the government of the day is not able to differentiate between Rochas as a person and what Rochas did for Imo State as governor. Whatever assets I left here doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to the people of Imo State.

“For instance, the 1000-bed Somto Hospital is being demolished by the government, in place of market shops. That hospital was commissioned by the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.

“I don’t know why the police headquarters is still being neglected and abandoned. It is a similar situation with the 3400 capacity prison headquarters.

“The cargo airport is also abandoned without use. The Aguisi Ironsi tunnel which created ways to manage traffic in the capital city is being brought down. They couldn’t even break down the tunnel.

“The two biggest flyovers which can contain 1000 fully loaded trucks is being abandoned without use. I’m equally saddened that the RAMP rural roads projects have been stopped. Are you also fighting Rochas by stopping such projects.

“These have called for concern. A fight against Rochas must be disconnected from a fight against Imo people. My heart is bleeding over the destruction of Imo property especially Somto Hospital. That project is over N1.6 billion. It would have been better if they had turned it into a shopping mall instead of demolishing the edifice.

“I’m calling on Governor Hope Uzodinma to concentrate on the fight against me and leave Imo people alone. Let’s separate politics from governance. Hope is mixing politics and governance.

“They based their destruction on China projects but it’s taken them months to destroy Akachi and the Ironsi Tunnel. Fighting me through EFCC, DSS, and ICPC is enough. Stop destroying Imo properties.”


  1. We need to be matured in politics because there’s different between politics and governance. If we can’t differentiate between the two, it means there’s a great danger in our future politics.

  2. If all these could be true as said by senator owelles okorocha, it means people of imo state are in a great danger, that project he did for eight years are wasted.

  3. Governor hope uzodima should realize that the money that was used to built all these projects is a thing tax payers’money and should not be wasted.

  4. Why fighting one another? You may have the grudges with the former governor okorocha because of his traitor character then but they should have settled the differences for you people and move on with the governance.

  5. I am also among those who are against ‘build and destroy’. It does not augur well with us as a people
    No society progresses with wasting funds
    The bestbus to continue from wherever your predecessors stopped and move forward

  6. That’s why they fail, instead of them to govern there state they will be there chasing shadows and blaming past administration

  7. We Need To Be Matured In Politics Because There’s Different Between Politics And Governance. If We Can’t Differentiate Between The Two, It Means There’s A Great Danger In Our Future Politics.

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