“I want my marriage to work, please help me beg my wife” – 9ice appeals after video of him caressing a lady’s b**bs in a hotel emerges online

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Nigerian Singer, Adegbola Akande popularly known as 9ice has appealed to the public to help him save his marriage and beg his wife after a video of him sucking a lady’s boobs in a hotel emerged online.

9ice had shared a video via his Instagram handle in a sober state appealing to the public to help him beg his wife whom he got married to in January. According to him, he has failed in his marriage life but wants this one to work.

”I have done something so shameful, something terrible and it is costing me my family and the most important thing to me right now is my family.

“The 9ice that you always see and appreciate is because I have a backbone, Olasukanmi Akande and because of this terrible thing that I have done, it is costing me a whole lot.

“I apologise for what I have done and I need you guys to help me beg my wife. She is my backbone.

“I have excelled in so many other things but one thing I have being failing is my marriage but this marriage, I want it to work. Please, help me beg my wife. Save this marriage for me” he said


  1. So sad to hear this, you have gone back home to whatever you want to do with your wife instead of doing this rubbish outside. Please kindly accept his apology.

  2. To err is human forgiven is divine. He has tender his apology and you need to accept it because he has realized that what he did was totally wrong. Please!!!

  3. You still engage in what caused you your family in the first place, after this one you should be very careful. Your marriage and family are very important to you.

  4. “Once biten twice shy” according to song.then why do you behave in such manner? You send people to her and to plead on your behalf.

  5. Abeg when you know that you are never ready and will not committed to the marriage then why going into the ralationship….. You have to clean up your own mess…

  6. Don’t worry God will save your marriage for you..no man is a saint nether above temptations for you to have acknowledge wrongs it’s shows you are deeply sorry and you cherish your wife more may the almighty God fix your home for you.

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