“Wait till after childbirth before undergoing plastic surgery” – Actress, Jennifer Obodo advices colleagues

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Nollywood actress, Jennifer Obodo has advised her colleagues not to go under the knife till after childbirth.

She stated this during an interview with The Sun. According to her, undergoing surgery when one is yet to give birth is just a waste of time.

She said;

“I love my body and I am confident about it. Whoever doesn’t like my boobs or ass like this should avoid me. I have all it takes; my height, beautiful smile, legs and complexion give me edge over others in the industry. For now, I can’t do any liposuction. Going under the knife when I haven’t given birth is just a waste of time. I can’t go under the knife without giving birth to all my kids. I would also like to advise my colleagues; if at all you want to do it, wait until after child birth, then you can do all that.”


  1. Why all these plastic surgery here and there? You people should better be careful of under going any surgery which doesn’t warrant it.

  2. All those actresses, have they forgot what happened to Stella obasanjo which Almighty God has created with all the goodies but she wasn’t satisfied. You people needs to be more careful.

  3. Why must one go under the knife. Whether after all child birth or before child birth, I personally is against it
    To me it is of no use at all and of no importance
    God is good and great and his designs are just the best, I mean the best…. no one should change it..o

  4. All Those Actresses, Have They Forgot What Happened To Stella Obasanjo Which Almighty God Has Created With All The Goodies But She Wasn’t Satisfied. You People Needs To Be More Careful.

  5. You better stay the way God created you I don’t think going for surgery receiving necessary you are beautiful enough what do we will still be so it’s not necessary to go into surgery to enhance your body shape

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