EndSARS: We have reached out to the UK Government – Geoffrey Onyeama

The Federal Government of Nigeria has stated that it has reached out to the United Kingdom to explain its side of the story over the #EndSARS crisis following a petition being considered by the United Kingdom to sanction officials of the Nigerian government over alleged human rights abuses during the protest.

Speaking at the weekly federal executive council (FEC) meeting, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, explained to State House Correspondents on Wednesday that Nigeria has reached out to the UK government and has presented its own side of the story to aid its deliberations on the matter.

“Yes, we have reached out to the UK government. The meeting that took place were Parliamentarians and they do not speak for the UK government which acts for the United Kingdom and they have also heard the side of the (Nigerian) government regarding everything that has happened.

“So, we have been in touch with them and engaging with them. Of course, as in any democracy, the members of parliament are able to also air their view.

“But what is important, is that a balanced picture is made available to them, before they take any decision,” Onyeama said.


  1. What are you explaining again
    Even the whole world knows shat happened do there is no need for that explanation man

  2. UK parliament does not take decision for UK govt, who then does? u think UK is Nigeria? their head of govt is called prime minister who was initially voted into parliament and then nominated and voted as prime minister

  3. So, you people are Afraid of Visa ban, you don’t need to afraid of anything. Nigeria is our country and let us do everything possible to make it great. UK should ban all of you.

  4. Why running Helter and skelter now, I don’t think UK needs Your explanation, you can hold it to yourself. Pretending as nothing happened.

  5. Minister Lai Muhammed said you people were not bothered then, why do you write them. He has already said, he will sue the CNN. We are waiting for him to sue CNN.

  6. If you didn’t want the sanction you shouldn’t have killed armless protesters. Your explanation will not change anything.

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