The Senate dissociates itself from the House of reps invitation to President Buhari

The senate has dissociated itself from the House of Representatives’ invitation to President Muhammadu Buhari.

The House of Representative had offered an invitation to the President to address it on the increase in the spate of insecurity in the country. The President had accepted the invitation but later cancelled.

According to the Deputy Senate President Ovie Omo-Agege, it is unconstitutional and an aberration for any arm of the National Assembly to summon President Muhammadu Buhari to appear before it.

The Chairman of Senate Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Senator Ajibola Basiru (Osun Central) yesterday told newsmen that the senate did not summon the President adding that they don’t want to get themselves involved in any controversy as to whether the president will appear or not.

“I’m a spokesperson of the Senate. There was no resolution of the Senate that the President should come and address it on the issue of national security. I expect that every enquiry as to the summoning and coming of the President should be directed to the House of Representatives, Basiru said

“We operate a bi-camera legislature. That’s why our rules and procedures are different and that is why also we need concurrence from the two Houses on passing of legislation. On this matter, there has not been an issue of a joint resolution. What you have is resolution of the House of Representatives.

“And I believe, the House of Representatives should be able to tell you why the resolution was passed, and what will happen to that resolution. As far as the Senate is concerned, we have not summoned the President and we don’t want to get ourselves involved in any controversy as to whether the president will appear or not.

“To the best of my knowledge I’m not aware of any planned joint session of the National Assembly tomorrow (today).


  1. Why will they not disassociate themselves
    May be they are afraid of the unknown forces that might go after them if they venture summon the president

  2. You are separated arm of government which sometimes do things together. For instance; when it comes to budget presentation by the president and so on, therefore, the lower chamber may not inform you about this resolution.

  3. Are you the upper chamber of the national assembly happy about what is going on in the country? Instead join hands together to make Nigeria forward, you are dragging it backward. Ok oooo.

  4. Both of the Chambers need to work together to harmonise how things are being going in the country without that there would be no progress in the country and everything won’t work again.

  5. Are you people fighting for your pocket or Nigeria if Nigeria, you should call on him to come and explain his efforts on the tackling and other things. insecurities i

  6. this is very serious but I think the constitution actually gives right for this why should this be cancelled and you are saying that they don’t have such a right to summon the president it is generally said that there’s no one above the law

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