Ahmed Musa called out by Muslims for posting photo of his wife kissing him on the cheek

Super Eagles player, Ahmed Musa has been called out by his fellow Muslim brethren for sharing a photo of his wife kissing him on the cheek as they termed it as an impropriety.

The photo has generated lots of comments, with mostly the Muslim folks telling him that such photo should be private and never make it to social media and others wondering why it should be so.

See some comments below.


  1. As a woman she deserves to be respected, what you are showing to the is mainly meant for you only not for general.

  2. She is your wife and everything in her body is only meant for you once you have paid bride price then why showing it to us to see

  3. If have sex with her would you still post it on social media? Even if you defecate you will still post it on Facebook.

  4. Though, you are the owner of your wife and you are free to do anything you like with her but not publicly like this.

  5. Respect is reciprocal, you need to respect your wife because your wife is not public material and she’s meant for you only.

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