APC will soon be Africa’s largest political party and even developed nations will learn from the party – Yahaya Bello

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Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello says the All Progressives Congress (APC) will soon become the largest political party in Africa and that developed nations will come to seek wisdom from the party.

Speaking at the inauguration of the mobilization committee for the party’s membership registration/revalidation exercise on Tuesday, January 12, Bello asserted that the party is going to be an institution for politics in Nigeria.

“It is not out of place that every election in Kogi state, we are winning it with ease. We are going to repeat the same feat for the country by the grace of God. By the time we are done with the registration of new members and revalidation of existing members in the country, APC will not just be the largest in Africa, but we are going to call on even the developed nations to come and learn not only from Nigeria, but from the APC in Nigeria.

“We shall even teach some of our brothers who have just concluded some elections in rancour. I will not mention names, but we are going to be an institution for politics in Nigeria.”he said


  1. Yyou have not finished the greatest work in front of you such as insecurities, poverty and co but to my surprise they are they are just after power nothing more.

  2. PDP said more than this during their tenure but God is greater than them. If you do good you should continue with it but if you don’t mean well for Nigerians you won’t succeed.

  3. That is a lie cuz this partyhas already falls apart all it’s remains is just the official confirmation of it dissolve….

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