Muslim Forum threatens Bishop Kukah

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Bishop Kukah’s Christmas message is still generating reactions from quarters of the country.

A group under the aegis of Muslim Solidarity Forum has called out the clergy to apologise to the entire Muslim Ummah over his recent comments against Islam.

Speaking to newsmen on Tuesday the acting chairman of the Muslim forum, Professor Isa Muhammad Maishanu described Kukah’s comment as “malicious.”

The Islamic group warned the cleric to “quickly and quietly leave” Sokoto, the seat of the caliphate.

MSF expressed that Kukah’s “innuendos and parables” in his speeches were against Islam and its adherents, adding that they were provocative.

“The Bishop has the penchant to speak in parables and innuendos. His reference to a people who possess ‘a pool of violence to draw from’ no doubt is a reference to those he has always characterized with violence – the Muslims. This is a serious provocation.”

The group also accused Kukah of not only unable to “appreciate his Muslim hosts or their religion,” but disparaging them with “provocative and uncouth language…”

The group described Kukah’s comments as an attempt to break the age-long peaceful coexistence between the predominantly Muslim population and their Christian.

“These callous statements are unbecoming of someone who parades himself a secretary to National Peace Committee and a member of Nigeria Inter-Religious Council (NIREC), as such, we call on Kukah to immediately stop his malicious vituperations against Islam and Muslims and tender unreserved apology to the Muslim Ummah or else quickly and quietly leave the seat of Caliphate, as he is trying to break the age-long peaceful coexistence between the predominantly Muslim population and their Christian guests,” the group said.


  1. Which peace are you talking about? Is there peace presently in the north? Instead of focusing on how to restore peace in the region, you are now attacking the person who said the truth.

  2. You people should better address the fact that is the bishop mathew Hassan kukah’s message not fighting the messenger.

  3. The message is fact not attacking the muslim, if the government can’t speak the truth do you still want the citizens to join them in spoiling the country, Never.

  4. Is there anything that those people want to gain from the issue of the message or what? Why are you asking him to apologise? They shouldn’t start another problem oooo.

  5. You people are not serious. You people are inciting in war, I don’t even know how you people worship your own God always fighting for God. Can man fight for God?

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