Nigeria is not working because people are recruited on sentiment – Peter Obi

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Former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi has expressed the reason why he thinks Nigeria isn’t working, he said it is because people are recruited based on sentiment rather than on merit.

He stated this on Wednesday when he joined Governor Nyesom Wike to commission the Constructed Internal Road Phase 2 in Isiokpo, Ikwere Local Government Area of Rivers State.

He expressed that many offices in the country are occupied by people appointed based on sentiments and this act is affecting the development of the country negatively.

“The reason Nigeria is not working today is that people have been recruited based on sentiments,” Mr. Obi said, adding that this way of operating has to stop.

“if we have to recruit you to be local government chairman, governor, vice president, president, and minister, it must be based on capacity and competence, which are viable not what we are doing now and the country is collapsing, he said


  1. May be you weren’t giving any candidates anymore that is why you are lamenting, there’s lots of employment which you share within yourself, why complaining now.

  2. The way you politicians are handling everything in the country, do you think it can make Nigeria to move forward? Sharing appointment among yourself without considering competency anymore. So pathetic.

  3. He is right, man know man is what is ruling this out country, thats why they appoint empty heads to run our ministries and agencies. Thereby destroying our there country with useless policies and actions. Until we end this, we are will not move forward as a country

  4. We Nigerian make a big apologies to PDP for dumping them for the useless party called APC. Both The party and all there candidate are full of greediness and corruptions.

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