Wizkid’s Baby Mama, Shola Ogudu issues warning to ladies sending their nude pictures to her 9-year-old Son

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Wizkid’s baby mama, Shola Ogudu has issued a stern warning to women sending their nude photos to her 9-year-old son’s DM

The fashion entrepreneur shared this in a video via Instagram on Tuesday where she cautioned the women to refrain from such distasteful act, otherwise she would be forced to expose them on social media.

She urged the said women to shoot their shot at men within their age bracket and not her Son who is just 9 years old.

She said;

“My son is only 9 years old and the kind of messages he gets in his Instagram page from grown women is MAD.

Are there no other men in the world that you women will be sending a 9-year-old nude photos.

STOP SENDING MY SON NUDES. This is the final warning and that is why i used his page to come and warn you or i will screenshot it and post it for everyone to see.

If you want to shoot your shots, do it at someone in your age bracket.

What does a 9-year-old need nudes for! This is a final warning.”


  1. Some women are desperate to go to any length to satisfy themselves, sending nude picture to this kind of boy is bad.

  2. They should be ashamed of there self by this moment, my advice is to take away the phone from him, or what does a 9years old want to do with such phone.

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