You’re not stingy, you just don’t have money – Pretty Mike slams ‘members’ of ‘Stingy Men Association of Nigeria’

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Media personality, Pretty Mike has slammed some men claiming to be members of the supposed Stingy Men Association of Nigeria, SMAN.

For some days now, a group called SMAN has been trending and a lot of Nigerian men identifying themselves as members of the said group

The slogan for the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria is “I’ll see what I can do”.This is the answer they intend to give to any woman who asks them for money.

Members have promised to be stingy and not spend on women. Reacting to the trend, Pretty Mike said most of those claiming they’ll be stingy from now on are just people who have no money.

See his post below;

You're not stingy, you just don't have money - Pretty Mike slams 'members' of 'Stingy Men Association of Nigeria' 4


  1. Doesn’t mean that all those who joined the stingy association is stingy but rather follow the trend that is going on now.

  2. To befriend a woman is not purposely because of money but their is a lot of things that we can get or achieve from one another.

  3. You can never give what you don’t have…. Apart from stingy…. some people have the money but they are very stingy, whenever they are Force them to give out money, the money will turn to snake in there pocket.

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