“Embrace Igbos and Igbos will embrace Nigeria”- Reno calls for replacement of late COAS with Igbo military officer

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Reno Omokri has asked President Buhari to consider an Igbo military officer to replace the late Chief of Army Staff. Lt. Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru, who died in the air crash last Friday, May 21.

Reno in a tweet noted that this act will douse the calls for secession from the region. He further advised the President to lose his fear of the Igbo man, embrace him so the Igbo man can embrace Nigeria.

In his words;

”The best way to fight the rise of secessionists in the Southeast is not with guns, bullets and helicopter gunships. Give them development. Stop your nepotism. Be fair and balanced in your appointments. Consider an Igbo man to replace General Attahiru.

“Abandon the 97% versus 5% mentality. Lose your Igbophobia.Visit each Igbo state (Buhari has not visited Igboland since the 2019 election). Make Igbo monarchs pro-chancellors of federal universities in Northern Nigeria.

“Genuinely pursue an extra state for the Southeast in the Constitutional Reform process, so they are equal with other geopolitical zones. Encourage a major political party to consider an Igbo Presidential candidate. Embrace Igbos and Igbos will embrace Nigeria”


  1. that will be good moves but those northerners are not very fond of igbos so they always draws them back when it comes to power……..

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