Reno Omokri tackles Nigerians who are against Olympic medalist, Ese Brume’s decision to drape her medal on Bishop Oyedepo

Reno Omokri has slammed Nigerians who are against Olympic medalist, Brume Ese’s decision to drape her bronze medal on Bishop David Oyedepo, when she returns to the country.

Following her victory at the ongoing Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Brume had declared her appreciation to the cleric and disclosed that she will drape her medal on him

Her decision received mixed reactions with some people criticizing her. Reacting to the criticism that has trailed Brume’s decision, Omokri wrote;

”Anthony Joshua draped his World Heavyweight Title belt on Buhari. You did not talk.Ese Brume says she wants to drape hers on Bishop Oyedepo, your demons are agitating you. Between Oyedepo and Buhari, who has done more for Nigerian youths, education and sports?Buhari that banned the Twitter that you are using to denounce Ese and Oyedepo? Oyedepo that fought against the #TwitterBan is now your headache?You leave the man you elected to denounce the man you did not elect and then you wonder why your country is wandering without direction!”

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  1. what those people don’t know is that she is the owner of the medal and she can do whatever she wants with it……..

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