The Govt in power today is afraid of free and fair election – House of Reps member, Sergius Ogun

A member of the House of Representatives Committee on constitution review, Sergius Ogun has claimed that the government of the day is afraid of free and fair election. 

Ogun in an interview on Channels Television today January 18, claimed that this ‘fear’ led to the delay in passage of Electoral Act Amendment Bill.

He said; 

“I think the government in power today is afraid of a free and fair election, this is simply why in the last house the bill was not passed.

“The government is scared that if there is a free and fair election there would not be room for manipulation”.

Noting that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) can still determine the transmission of results with the present act which was amended in 2015, Ogun further revealed that there are other things in the bill which should help the country’s electoral system.

The lawmaker also said he is optimistic that President Muhammadu Buhari is going to assent to the bill. 

He said; 

“I know as a nation we are anxious to do this like yesterday, I know this happened in the former House but I’m certain the President is going to accent to this bill.”

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