Married man faints after sex with His Married Lover in Lagos

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An unidentified married man reportedly fainted after sex with his married lover in Lagos. 

The woman who was interrogated by some residents of the area where the incident occurred, admitted she is married but added that she regrets hooking up with the man. The middle-aged woman further disclosed that she lives around Mutatiri in Cele, Lagos. 

She recalled telling her child she was going to “buy something” before leaving her house as she blamed herself continuously. The elderly man was subsequently rushed to the hospital on a bike. 

Here is the video below;


  1. The woman should not be held acccountable on the action of the man. Their sexual romp was on mutual agreement. She will be more concerned on the action of the husband who may divorce her

  2. The problem is that most of us do not eat nutritious food so, the problem is not from the woman and she should not be held responsible.

  3. The man fainted because this Union is outside marriage. It’s not pure and thus here is a consequence

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