Senator Ali Ndume tells Nigerians to Sacrifice as he proposes salary cut for civil servants not working due to COVID19 pandemic

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Senator Ali Ndume has called for salary slash for civil servants who no longer go to work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Ndume who is the Senate Chairman committee on Army, gave this suggestion when he spoke at a media briefing in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital today June 8.

He said despite the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, the state and Federal government are spending more to sustain personnel and non personnel cost. He opined that those who are not going to work now should be given palliatives and paid less.

”The government should critically look at the recurrent and personnel expenditure which consumes about 70% of the budget. More should be pumped into Capital. People should make sacrifices. This is the time to look at issues critically. 

I think there shoukd be more sacrifice especially on the personnel side. How can you sustain the same personnel and overhead cost when even the work they are doing, most people don’t go to the office now and they are being paid fully for the month. Is there any justification for that? 

If you can’t work because of the pandemic, then you should be given palliatives and be paid less”he said


  1. This is the senator that wanted to be senate president and you can see the sort bill he is sponsoring. He did not suggest that they that are receiving jumbo salaries should sacrifice half of their salaries and allowances and curtail their aides, yet he want those whose minimum wage has not be approved to cut their salaries.

  2. What you are paying workers is not living wages is feeding wages (some states are still paying #18k), how many civil servants can boast of building house without taking loan. Why can’t you propose waving of your some allowances. Even upon this pandemic you still go ahead that you want to renovate NASS with #27billion Naira. Let the love of your people prevail in your heart..

  3. The problem we have in Nigeria is no other than the politicians. What have the done with the Billions in donations that they claim will be used to provide paliatfes? No the senator that is taking home millions in salary and allowances is proposing for a slash in salary of poor Nigerians Peanuts to survive. Why didn’t he propose that senators, political appointees, president , States Reps relinquish all there allowances ant take him only half there salaries, after all they’ve been paid in millions even if they only got sworn in. Hypocrisy at it’s height.

  4. Wait o
    You mean you left top ranking pay to come to pooor masses
    This is the height of all greediness. Why don’t you guys cut off from your salaries and the unnecessary wages and leave us in peace

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