Conflict: We cannot toil with our integrity or Somalia will be child’s play – Akume warns

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Minister of Special Duties, George Akume, has stressed on the need for peace in Nigeria.
Akume who was Benue State Governor from 1999 to 2007 spoke at the Thanksgiving Service in honour of Yakubu Pam, Executive Secretary, Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC) on Thursday.

Using Somalia that has experienced three decades of armed conflict as an example, warned that Nigeria cannot toil with it’s territorial integrity otherwise Somalia would be child’s play.

Nigeria cannot toil with unity and peace because if our territorial integrity is undermined, Somalia will be a child’s play.” he said

” I know the President is doing quite a lot but the challenges are still there. We don’t have to toil with our unity.”
The former Senator also advised Pam to liaise with Christian leaders on peace in Nigeria.
“You are in a very good position working closely with CAN and people of other faith so that together we can reestablish peace,” he said.


  1. Don’t look at the messenger but listen to the message he passed, government should do the needful and take the urgent steps to curb all these menace.

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