World Council of Bishops demand repeal of application of CAMA laws

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The Supreme Primate of the World Council of Bishops, His Eminence, Archbishop Dr. Polycarp Sunday, has kicked against the application of the Company and Allied Matters Act, CAMA, to churches.

In a statement on Tuesday, the world council of Bishops called on Buhari to repeal the act as the church must not be subjected to canality adding that the church gets its ALL from the Bible and not laws made by man.

“The Church as a Bride of Christ is first Spiritual in ALL and will never and must not be subjected to carnality, but God’s Holy Word, the Bible as her basic principle and constitution, thus, anything or policies, be it government, organizational or individual, that is inconsistent with God’s Holy Word is unconstitutional and illegal. As the Church of Jesus Christ draws her ALL from the Bible, not laws made by man or humans, he said

“where the inalienable rights of its citizens to freedom of worship, associations, and the like are not respected, nor protected, such nation is headed for the rocks, consequent upon the draconian laws vehemently posed on her citizen’s religious faith and religious places of worship, without proper constitutional guidance, nor a recourse to a referendum before actual passage, application and implementation of such laws.

“To this effect, We as the Church of Jesus Christ Nationwide demand a repeal on the application of CAMA laws, and resist such laws against the Church and religious bodies in Nigeria in totality without fear or favour, he added.


  1. This CAMA wahala is causing a lot of problem..o
    Please the government of the day should revisit this law and see reason/reasons why they should amend or repeal it
    The religious bodies are kicking against it so there must be a reason why they are rejecting it
    Please all we want is peace and the growth of this country

  2. I think the words of God has already law guiding it, so, no need of regulating it by any other laws but the churches or religious bodies should be guided by their utterance.

  3. I think the reason why enacting this CAMA law is just to guide the utterance of those people who will be preaching because most of the bodies have turned to politicians and will be preaching against others. They should trend softly with one another.

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