Oshiomhole is not my god Father, he works for me – Ize-Iyamu

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APC Gubernatorial candidate for Edo State, Osagie Ize-Iyamu has made it known that Oshiomhole is not his god-father as he only works for him

He said this during an interview on Arise Television on Sunday August 23, noting that he is not new in politics, adding that he stepped down for Oshiomhole during the governorship election in Edo state in 2007

“In 2007, my people were urging me to become governor but I stepped down for him because his area has never had a governor, he comes from Edo north.

“Where I come from, Edo southwest has had a governor. I just thought that well, for equity to prevail, it will be nice to make history. Of course, he has done so well as chairman of APC and I just said well, you know it’s good.

“So for somebody like me to now describe him as a godfather or say Oshiomhole is my god father… on what basis?. We have had history of robust engagement, we have disagreed and come back together, so what you see is mutual respect.

“Yes, you can say he brought Obaseki but Obaseki was new, you can’t compare him to me. I was national vice chairman of ACN; I was one of those who crafted the constitution of the APC. He did not live here even though he was born here, he came from Lagos, so he needed a godfather, he needed someone to nurture him and bring him up.

“But for me, you are talking of an adult, there are so many people I have nurtured. All over the state, they see me as a leader.

“But I have tremendous respect for my elders. I respect those who have excelled in various professions, even my juniors and the reality is that I was born to respect people and I will not disrespect anybody because I am governor. So when you say godfather, just take it out.

“Oshiomhole is working for me , he is campaigning with me because he is also passionate about his party winning Edo and you can’t take that away from him.”


  1. Interesting.
    Because you didn’t win.
    That’s why you are saying all this,from you don’t have full interest in the position to oshiomhole isn’t your God father.

  2. It is in Nigeria you will be hearing this godfather of a thing
    Politicians can lie, they talk from both sides of their mouth saying one thing but mean another
    At every point in time, in any condition, they must find out one thing to say to deceive the people
    Can Ize Iyamu beat his chest to say this thing he is saying. To me, I feel he is not saying the fact but is playing politics
    If he is talking about respecting his elders, I hope he doesn’t carry all Edo state funds and give to people and now act as a stuge when he wins and assumes office as the governor

  3. I will just implore you if eventually become the governor of Edo state, as you said and I quote “you agree and disagree” if you want to agree on issue you shouldn’t agree on issue that will be as detrimental of public advantage, always agree on the issue that will be advantage to the masses.

  4. Though, god father is not new in politics once someone brought you to power that person will stand as god father, next time politicians should learn how to stick with a party without moving from one party to another. I will like you to learn from obaseki that you should not bite fingers that feeds you if you later become the governor of the state.

  5. Like is this really coming From Ize-Iyamu? my goodness, when he took you to the Royal Highnesses in Edo State nko, he’s not your God father and you allowed him to campaign for you. Anyways thanks for letting him know that

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