Increased pump price of petrol is grossly insensitive, wicked and callous – Dino Melaye

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Former Kogi State lawmaker, Dino Melaye, has condemned President Muhammadu Buhari’s government over the increment in pump price of petrol.

Pipelines and Product Marketing Company (PPMC), a subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC on Wednesday approved an increased price in petrol which has since stirred a lot of reactions from Nigerians.

Reacting to this, Dino Melaye in a tweet he shared on Twitter tagged the act as ”grossly insensitive, wicked and callous.

He wrote;

“It is grossly insensitive, wicked and deliberately callous for Government to increase pump price of petrol in a time like this.

“Men of good conscience will not watch the lives of poor Nigerians taking for granted with outrageous ignominy by a stationary Government.”


  1. what I don’t just know is what is wrong with this country because I see no reason y they will keep on increasing the pump price well is not affecting them that is y because if the thing is affecting them they will no be increasing it any how nd anytime they want but I believe Nigeria’s no matter how much they keep it they will buy it. God go help us

  2. Not only insensitivities but also callous, how on Earth would government increase the pump price. We spent so much time in lockdown without giving us palliative, Nigeria government should look inward to make everything ease for Nigeria Citizens.

  3. It seems like that is the next level they promised, when they are talking about next level, Nigerians thought they will make everything easy for us but the reverse is the case. Increasing PMS in this time when everything seems not going smoothly with her citizens, we are inflation period with everything sky rocket such as food, and so many things. Nigerians should resist this callous act and let them know that they are not considering Nigerians at all.

  4. The increase in pump price by what aver amount now is not only foolish, stupid but also callous
    This shows how insensitive our so called government of the day is to our problems. In a country where the citizens can barely eat once a day due to hardship and high cost of commodities in the market is where someone who calls himself a leader voted in by the people is increasing fuel price
    We have all been on lockdown due to this ravaging corona virus and while other nations are giving serious palliatives to their citizens, our government gave us nothing instead what they did is to add money in pump price
    I really do not understand this at all, this is pure wickedness
    May God save us from these wicked rulers

  5. Insensitive is an understatement, they are very wicked weird have been on lockdown for over 5months and now they didn’t add or increase pump price. Which means they are easily the lockdown gradually to suffer people. When they were doing campaign they promised us that fuel will be 40Naira per litre. Non of the promises has been fulfilled. God is watching

  6. This Shows How Insensitive Our So Called Government Of The Day Is To Our Problems. In A Country Where The Citizens Can Barely Eat Once A Day Due To Hardship And High Cost Of Commodities In The Market

  7. My dear,
    Your words are truth after what the nation have bin into n not even out properly and his increasing the price of fuel.too bad

  8. Dino is right, the federal government should have understood that we are going through a pandemic right now so many organization have not yet resume and people still find it difficult to eat or feed their family. They should please consider the masses in what ever they doing.

  9. I did not surprise with this because I have once called attention of Nigerians that we have nothing to gain I this present administration of president Muhammadu buhari. Nigeria vote out formal President Good-luck Ebele Jonathan just because of scacity of fuel and bad economy, etc…. Jonathan administration did not worst like this present administration. Let just endeor I’m sure we are going to pass all this away.

  10. That is the kind of country we find ourselves in,so insensitive to people’s feeling.The only humane thing they should have done is reducing pump price of petrol to alleviate people’s suffering.

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