Bribery is normal in Nigeria – Zimbabwean-Aljazeera journalist, Haru Mutasa

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Zimbabwean-Aljazeera journalist, Haru Mutasa says bribery is normal in Nigeria.

In a tweet she shared on Twitter, starting one of her experience when she worked in Nigeria said the first time she was given a brown envelope filled with dollars was in Nigeria and it was after she interviewed someone important in Kano, with this, she made her conclusions that it is a normal phenomenon in Nigeria.

She wrote;

Working in Nigeria. In Kano. We interviewed someone very important. First time I was given the brown envelope. I opened it. Saw the US dollars, gave it back. Gave some excuse why I can’t accept the money. It’s happened more times in Nigeria, it’s normal there


  1. my dear that is the truth a lot of people do this in Nigeria, it like one of the law in this country most people don’t do with out baribery.

  2. Bribery is a normal thing in Nigeria’ she said. The thing is you were not bribed with Nigeria currency but with dollars. Everyone just want to trend using Nigeria.

  3. Can our leaders see their yeye attitude the whole world have known them with their corrupt attitude. Can we do without this corruption acts, it’s now become part and pazzle of our daily attitude. Loot at what she said, don’t they know that they are tarnishing the image of our unborn baby. It’s better we change our minds and attitude.

  4. Their all about selfish about their self…because Live life one day at a time. Share it with people who matter most to you, for life is a little jar of memories. So fill it with people worth remembering..

  5. Our leaders should change their mind sets towards everything they do, they should try to redeem the image of our country by always do the right things. Every sectors in Nigeria have elements of corruption in one way or the other, they will always talk about yahoo boys but the damaging they are causing Nigeria throughout the world is more than what yahoo boys are doing to us. They should lead us to the right path without taking any from of bribery.

  6. I really support your findings concerning Nigeria.
    Most persons here don’t see any thing wrong in giving kick backs. The give bribe and take bribe at will even at the full glare of everyone.
    Travel on Nigeria roads and see what the police officers do on the roads. They collect bribe from motorists and even go up to the extent of killing the ones that refused to give them bribe
    Go to the various offices in the country and see for yourself how they take bribes to perform ordinary tasks
    They even give bribes to journalists donthat they will ask them the choice of questions they desire to be asked

  7. You said they bribe you with American currency and you can not tell us what they bribe you for, aside that. Bribery is everywhere but in Nigeria is our blood.

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