The government is not insensitive, will not inflict hardship on the people – Buhari

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President Buhari has denounced thoughts that its government is insensitive and is in the business of inflicting hardship on the people.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo who delivered President Buhari’s remark at the start of the first-year Ministerial performance review retreat held in Abuja on Monday September 7, made it known that the countries revenue has dropped by 60% as the administration adopted a N2.3 trillion economic sustainability plan to mitigate the effect of the economic slowdown.

“For the government, it has been a particularly trying time. As a result of the poor fortunes of the oil sector, our revenues and foreign exchange earnings have fallen drastically. Our revenues have fallen by almost 60 percent, he said

“Yet we have had to sustain expenditures, especially on salaries and capital projects, in order to keep the economy going.

“But we have also had to take some difficult decisions to stop unsustainable practices that were weighing the economy down

“This government is not insensitive to the condition of our people and the very difficult economic situation and we will not inflict hardship on our people.

“In this regard, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has created credit facilities (of up to N100B) for the Healthcare (N100 Billion) and Manufacturing (N1 Trillion) sectors.

“From January 2020 to date, over N191.87B has already been disbursed for 76 real sectors projects under the N1Trillion Real Sector Scheme; while 34 Healthcare projects have been funded to the tune of N37.159B under the Healthcare Sector Intervention Facility.

“The facilities are meant to address some of the infrastructural gap in the healthcare and manufacturing sector as a fall out to the COVID-19 pandemic and to facilitate the attainment of the Governors 5-year strategic plan.”


  1. Buhari! Buhari!! Please have mercy on masses who stand by you before u become president. Everyone is regretting they vote for you

  2. No govt will ever come out and say, they will inflict hardship on d citizens. It is out d decision of d govt towards its citizens and d current state of the country Economy that will tell.

  3. You have already inflicted pains on Nigerians as at the moment, instead of providing palliative to Nigerians but you are salt to into our injury by raising all the commodities that we can say that we are enjoying such as light, petrol now is 162, the transport fare is hike now then during the COVID-19 lock down no palliative at all. Then do we enjoy from you.

  4. I think the reason why you don’t know that Nigerians are going through hardship is that you are enjoying everything Free at the expenses of the citizens. Everything being giving to you and your family is free but you have SA, SSA, ministers and so on that they ought to have been given you what’s going on in the country but feeding you back with lies. Don’t you listen to news if at all your crew are feeding you back with lies, up till this moment some states have not implemented the minimum wage then what are we saying.

  5. During a negotiation, it would be wise not to take anything personally. If you leave personalities out of it, you will be able to see opportunities more objectively. The ruler will do us any hurt.

  6. The government is not insensitive and will not inflict hardship on the people indeed. This government has borrowed twice and still has plan to borrow again. The dollar continue to gain strength over the naira, fuel price hike and many more, and you say to government will not inflict hardship on the people, what a joke!

  7. But dear Mr. President you have already inflicted the people you are ruling with hardship that only God knows when it will end, or is it when everybody is dead that you will know that your tenure is full of hardship. God just delivered us from covid-19 you just high fuel and electricity price, is that not enough evidence to show you what you are denouncing.

  8. This useless man is deceiving himself, the hardship that he already brought along with him since he became the president

  9. This has been repeating itself everyday that Buhari is not feat to rule this country. Your hardship to Nigeria citizen is too much. We are surfring on this country, inflicted pain is happening to us, you have your own family and you are ruling us like slave. I know one day you will regret this.

  10. I feel so much pain reading this news story. A for me I am totally tired of all these long and big grammars
    Osibanjo should respect himself and stop talking if he does not have or know what to say
    I voted for this current president Muhammadu Buhari but to tell you the whole fact and truth, I am regretting it so much
    Does this man want to fry Nigerians in a frying pan? I see all these things he is doing as total nonsense and wickedness
    Before he came into office, he was boasting up and down that he will do this and do that to alleviate the sufferings of the Nigerians masses but now his tenure is the worst ever seen in the history of the country
    Upon all the cris of the citizens of Nigeria concerning the hardships in the country that is unbearable, he does not care instead he is making it worse every day by day
    God please I beg you to save us from this leader
    We are fed up

  11. please you guys should have mercy on the Masses, you may not intentionally inflict hardship, but you should understand that sometimes before taking certain decision you should please consider the masses.

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