Police reacts as video of drunk officer smoking shisha goes viral

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The Nigeria Police Force has said that it has commenced investigations into the viral video of a policeman smoking shisha and drinking on duty.

A man in the uniform of the Nigeria Police in a viral video was seen drinking and smoking shisha.

The Nigeria Police in a statement signed by its spokesman, Frank Mba, on Sunday disclosed that the investigation would establish the authenticity of the video, and the true identity of the man in uniform.

The Nigeria police urged members of the public with useful information that can assist their investigations to provide same via the following; pressforabuja@police.gov.ng, or send a direct message on the force social media platforms.

“The investigation will amongst other things seek to forensically establish the authenticity of the video, the true identity of the man in the uniform – whether he is, in fact, a policeman, an impostor or an actor in a movie scene,” Mba said.

He, however, expressed that the character exhibited by the man in the uniform was not a true reflection of Nigeria police, saying the men of the force are regimented law enforcement agency.


  1. So funny.may be officer want to ginger himself because Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly. The government should forgive him.

  2. Our police force needs re orientation. I have always suggested this on most of my write ups. Most of the officers of the force be it the female or the male officers don’t even know the tenets of the job
    They behave any how on duty in public not even talking of in private
    I have so many times seen police officers drinking alcohol while on duty, even while carrying arms
    I have also seen police officers nagging each other on their duty post saying all manners of rubish
    The police hierarchy should try to investigate this viral video and if found to be true that this person drinking and smoking shisha is a Nigerian police officer, he should be sacked from the force before he commits more aborminable atrocities

  3. There are so many behaviors that many of the policemen use to exhibit but not in line with constitution of the country. Once they put in that uniform, they would now think they are on top of the world and they can do and undo. police service commission should checkmate all these unacceptable attitude from our law enforcement agencies. That’s bad.

  4. I don’t think this is the first time of exhibiting think kind of behavior by those people who we called law enforcement, they are even the one go against the law of the land. They should investige this issue and if truly is one of the Nigeria police he should be dealt with to serve as a deterrent to others who has this kind of behavior in their hearts. This is so awful for uniform men to carry out such attitude.

  5. I’m not sure he is truly Nigeria police because how con someone that suppose to be on duty be smoking shisha and alcoholic? He still wearing his uniform and the person that camera him is nearby. I can confirm it that he is not Nigeria police, I think is a movie or drama.

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