If you are insulting your Parents because of Ferrari, they deserve it – Seun Kuti

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Nigerian singer, Seun Kuti, has slammed those attacking their parents for not being able to buy them something as expensive as a Ferrari.

Reacting to the social media frenzy stirred up after Billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola bought a Ferrari each for his daughters, Kuti took a swipe at those mocking their parents for not being like Otedola saying their parents deserve the insults as they have refused to raise their children properly.

He wrote:

“If you are insulting your parents because of Ferrari then they deserve it, they raised you wrong , so wrong!! Insult them more jare”


  1. We have more important things to talk of in this country, and this one now is no issue
    Well I feel some people are using this unimportant issue to divert the attention of the suffering masses if not is this a topic to be discussed about?
    If any one likes let him or her buy aeroplane for his/her children, its not my concern

  2. What do you mean? Do you think is everybody can afford buying Ferrari or something expensive to his or her children? It you train your children according to Godly way is one million better than buying 10 Ferrari or gold for your children. Nothing will profitable who gain Earth and lost the heaven. Vanity upon vanity.

  3. It’s so of a child because of not been able to buy them something because they are also going to be in there parent situations one day… So choose your words wisely because all fingers are not equals

  4. Since when God have created us, are we the same?, No. Even the God who created us does not create us to be same, among the prophet or angel they are not the same not to talk of human being, then what are you saying? I appreciate my parents and I will always appreciate them forever for what they have done for me in life, if I have the opportunity to buy plane for them I won’t hesitate. Thank you my parents.

  5. Everybody wasn’t born with a silver spoon so they don’t deserve the insult. If your parents didn’t buy for you then buy for them

  6. pls everyone should know that all finger re not equal what ever thing that ur parents get for u just accept it because that is what they can afford then u keep praying for them to get more money to get u more things

  7. Shut your Mouth up..you don’t know what you Are saying, how did they deserve it..if they can’t afford it for you afford for yourself & for them also will you die

  8. You’re saying rubbish, how exactly they deserve the insult, if they can’t afford it for you..try and afford it for yourself and for them also,you will not die

  9. Can you imagine this guy o, your indirectly telling us that you do insult your parents whenever they don’t buy expensive things for you abi. Please don’t come and spoil another person pikin for here joor. Anyhow you want to do your parents go on but remember the future, not when your own children will insult you for not buying private jet for them don’t be annoyed o, coz that was how you insulted your own parents for not buying ferrari for you.

  10. So kuti family still they exist in Nigeria, what is your name..,seun kuti or what. I think you don smoke Igbo. The same Igbo that send your brother to heaven. Mad man

  11. This is rubbish, and any child that insults his/her parent because they are unable to but him such expensive thing is a fool. Their children will do same to them if they are unable to provide them with expensive things too.
    I am more important things to do than hurl insult on my parent.

  12. That my parents can’t afford to buy me ferrari doesn’t mean they don;t love me,love comes in different shades not only in ferrari form.And encouraging children to insult their parents because of that,is not the right thing to do.

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