Actress, Chacha Eke breaks up 7-year-old marriage with husband, Austin Faani

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Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke has announced that her marriage of 7-years to her husband, Austin Faani is over.

The actress, who made the announcement in a video via her Instagram account didn’t give details of what led to the end of her marriage but she said she was leaving the union while she’s still alive adding that she will give full details of what led to the breakup later.

She said “Some people say I am crazy but I am not and I am doing this video to let the whole world know that I am done with the marriage.

“I don’t have a lot to prove that I am done with him but am done, am leaving with my life.

“I can’t say a lot now but you will hear my story”.


  1. These celebrities and their marriage union.
    I don’t really understand them, most of them always hit the rock and pack up

  2. Nothing can be done without reason even thief will justify his deeds with unacceptable reason. Therefore, if the relationship is about taking your life, you don’t need to continue with it.

  3. In my own opinion, I would have implored you to use all medium to settle the issues between both of you before resulting in divorce but notwithstanding, I don’t think anyone can crucify you on this without knowing your reasons.

  4. The issue of marriage is complex because there’s a lot that attached to it and if care is not taking it may lead to something else. To live in peace is better than to live as husband and wife in pieces.

  5. is a normal thing when it comes actress every time u will hear that this one has left her husband nd I don’t know y they can not stay in marriage or is it because of they femurs life or what because I don’t understand

  6. That means you have someone else behind the corner that’s decieving you, if not so 7years relationship is not easy, and I know the problem may come from or your husband is not reach like before anymore that’s why you decided to leave him, we’re did you want him to start from again, think twice before you decide.

  7. My sister don’t leave your husband o, 70% of man now aday are not responsible o, think twice before you decide, is better you go back to your husband, beg him and settle everything behind it. Please hold your husband Tite.

  8. Marriage is not a life taker but if you’d find one in yours it’s because you didn’t play relevant role as a submissive woman.

  9. Who send you marry sef, what is wrong with this celebrities and marriage? Why can’t dey stay under a man for a while? I tire o

  10. The Problem May Come From Or Your Husband Is Not Reach Like Before Anymore That’s Why You Decided To Leave Him, We’re Did You Want Him To Start From Again, Think Twice Before You Decide.

  11. My Goodness Could This Be True? Cha Cha Why Nah? O Boy The Rate Devil Is Attacking Married Homes These Day Ehh Nawa O, God Have Mercy On Us Spinsters O.

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